• The Sofa Is A Common Seat And Why Not Chooes A Ecofriendly Material
  • The Sofa Is A Common Seat And Why Not Chooes A Ecofriendly Material

The Sofa Is A Common Seat And Why Not Chooes A Ecofriendly Material

The sofa is a common seat, which has strong practicability and can meet the material requirements of users, but also has a certain degree of appreciation and reflects the user's aesthetic taste. With the improvement of living standards, the comfort of sofas has become a consumer. In order to improve the quality of sofas and attract more consumers, more and more sofa companies choose natural leather as raw materials to make sofas. The demand is great. The cost of natural leather accounts for 60% of the cost of the entire sofa, and most companies use the most primitive manual-based cutting methods for natural leather, supplemented by a small amount of simple mechanical equipment. This kind of processing mode makes enterprises face many problems: low utilization rate of leather, low processing efficiency, high labor cost and so on. These problems inevitably increase the production cost of enterprises, which is not conducive to the transformation and upgrading of sofa enterprises from a long-term perspective.


With the growth and development of customized furniture, the entire furniture market has gradually shown the production characteristics of "multiple varieties, small batches". Under such a market development trend, the sofa industry must improve processing efficiency, innovate production models, and change operating ideas in order to keep up with the production rhythm of the entire market. Advanced manufacturing technology is the product of the continuous development of the market economy. The update and transformation of manufacturing technology have a positive impact on the shape and structural design of the sofa. The use of innovative software and automation technology can be one of the important indicators for the purchase of sofas. The sitting comfort of the sofa largely depends on the fabric used to make the sofa. As an important fabric for soft sofas, leather is loved and sought after by consumers due to its noble, elegant, comfortable and durable characteristics.


There are usually three types of leather used in sofa manufacturing: natural leather, artificial leather and recycled leather.

Natural leather is made by processing animal skins as raw materials. Common natural leathers include pig leather, cow leather, horse leather and sheep leather. Most of the leather sofas in the market refer to cowhide sofas. Leather sofas have the advantages of high gloss, good heat preservation, high durability, and good air permeability, but they are expensive.

Artificial leather is a plastic product that imitates the appearance and feel of real leather. Common artificial leathers include PVC artificial leather, PU artificial leather and PU synthetic leather. The comfort and abrasion resistance of artificial leather are not as good as real leather, but the cost is much lower than real leather.

Recycled leather is made by crushing animal leather scraps and adding chemical raw materials. Its advantages are high utilization rate and low price, but its disadvantages are low strength and thick skin.

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