• low carbon age-Solvent free polyurethane synthetic leather supports new energy,automobile interior decoration artificial pu leather
  • low carbon age-Solvent free polyurethane synthetic leather supports new energy,automobile interior decoration artificial pu leather

low carbon age-Solvent free polyurethane synthetic leather supports new energy,automobile interior decoration artificial pu leather

With the rise of global temperature, it helps the national “3060″ carbon peak, the long-term strategic goal of carbon neutralization, and the gradual improvement of society’s carbon neutralization products. Carbon reduction is an inevitable choice to deal with global warming. Major car companies have also proposed: low-carbon environmental protection, aerobic emission reduction, high-efficiency intelligent and other main lines of automotive products.


Automotive interior parts – the core point that affects consumers’ model purchase decisions

With the upgrading of consumption, the transportation attribute of cars has gradually weakened. When consumers are finally ready to buy a car, the comfort of the car has become the first attribute that consumers pay attention to when buying, while the public praise, promotion and fuel consumption of the car are only 22%.

Interior quality has become a core selling point of automotive leather. According to the market research results released by Gaishi automobile, 43% of consumers believe that the car interior is very important, which will directly affect the car purchase decision.


Development of automotive interior

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What is solvent-free polyurethane synthetic leather?

The solvent-free polyurethane synthetic leather, all water-based polyurethane artificial leather, water-based / solvent-free polyurethane composite leather, silicone artificial leather, etc. Independently were developed by Polytech Technology Co., Ltd. , from the perspective of low carbon, environmental protection and sustainability, pay attention to following the resource-saving design principle, make “reduction” design from the source, constantly optimize the green performance of products, strengthen the functional design of products, and improve the service life of products, promote the green transformation of production and consumption modes, and realize the carbon neutrality of the whole industrial chain and the whole product life cycle. The prepared new green eco-friendly materials do not use or release any organic solvents, eliminate the damage caused by organic solvents to the environment and human body from the source of raw materials, and are safer and more energy-saving in the production process. High physical properties, lightweight, green and environmental protection meet the main development direction of new automobile materials, and are truly all environmental protection, low-carbon and green design products.


Green product certificate

Basic principle of solvent-free polyurethane synthetic leather process

The basic principle of solvent-free synthetic leather is online rapid reaction molding after prepolymer mixed coating. Inject two or more prepolymers and combinations into the mixing head at a set proportion, mix evenly, and then inject and coat them on the base cloth or release paper. After entering the drying oven, the low molecular prepolymer begins to react, gradually forming a high molecular polymer, which is formed in the reaction process.

The forming process of solvent-free synthetic leather is a process of chemical reaction, including chain growth and cross-linking reaction between isocyanate group and hydroxyl group, as well as the reaction between isocyanate and water. The reaction is also accompanied by physical processes such as evaporation and foaming of low boiling solvent.

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As a newly designed poly solvent-free polyurethane synthetic leather, the solvent-free polyurethane synthetic leather reflects the characteristics of environment-friendly and resource-saving green design, has good flexibility and environmental protection functions, and has the advantages of lightweight, hydrolysis resistance, twists resistance and so on. It meets the needs of consumers for high quality, environmental protection, durability and comfort. When applied in the automotive field, it can effectively reduce exhaust emissions and save energy, It is an eco-friendly and environment-friendly synthetic leather in the true sense.

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