• Breaking synthetic leather hydration
  • Breaking synthetic leather hydration

Breaking synthetic leather hydration

Breaking the “dead chain” of water-based synthetic leather to seize the highland of scientific research and innovation-Innovative development of water-based eco synthetic leather in Fujian Polytech

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For a long time, the water-based resin, known for its non-toxic, ecological and environmental protection, has been used to process and manufacture synthetic leather, which is the first to put forward and implement the promotion of changing oil into water in China. However, in the 20 years from 2002 to 2022, the promotion of water-based leather in the whole industry is still less than 10%.

What causes the difficulties in the growth of water-based synthetic leather? The staff of Fujian Polytech Ecological Synthetic Leather Development Technology Department replied, “It’s technology. The dead chain of synthetic leather hydration is that technology needs to be constantly broken through”.

Synthetic leather process usually consists of three processes, namely, dry process, wet process and finishing process. In the first decade, people only popularized and applied water-based dry process and post finishing process. After entering the second decade, 2012, the growth rate slowed down, because no one paid attention to the wet process of water-based synthetic leather and there was no breakthrough in related technologies.

The absence of wet process of synthetic leather is like a bird without half a wing, which is difficult to fly normally. Therefore, after the approval of Fujian Polytech Ecological Synthetic Leather led by the Ministry of Development and Technology, the research on water-based wet bass process was started. In 2014, with the cooperation of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology and relevant enterprises, tens of millions of RMB was invested in research. The first phase of research finally made a breakthrough, that is, special equipment can be used to produce aqueous wet bass. This achievement shocked the whole industry at that time. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Light Industry Federation and other ministerial units and relevant leaders came to the site to participate in the water-based wet bass startup instrument and expressed warm congratulations.

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In the water-based leather industry, the traditional water-based leather, not to mention the polluted and difficult to recycle or misused water-based leather, will slowly spread out of the industry, and low water consumption leather will be the major trend of the development of the water-based leather industry in the world. Low water consumption leather should not only be clean and low consumption, but also be functional and high-performance. In this way, water-based leather enterprises are required to further improve and strengthen in the following aspects:

First, innovate and develop water-based leather and new production and processing technologies, so as to produce more water-based leather with excellent performance, and use new technologies to meet the requirements of the decorative reduction of water-based leather;

Second, promote the progress and development of water-based leather technology and application technology. On the premise of ensuring the non-toxic, clean and low consumption of water-based leather, use low price technology to enhance the performance of water-based leather, providing possibility for reduction;

Third, improve and improve the production and processing technology of water-based leather recycling, greatly enhance the recycling rate of water-based leather, improve and eliminate the problem of “white pollution” caused by water-based leather, and improve the utilization rate of resources

Fourth, through free R&D and technological innovation, the cost of new water-based leather technology is reduced, and the problems that some water-based leather with low consumption must not be widely used due to high cost are reduced; Develop intelligent and other advanced technical means to reduce the production of water-based leather waste and improve the safety and low consumption performance of water-based leather by using the characteristics of plate water-based leather.

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In fact, when it comes to important disputes, apart from the disputes over conditions and economy, the current market safety is the key governance industry in China at present and in the coming years. This will increase the requirements on the selection of water-based leather. I hope that in the future of our country’s gradual development, you will find a healthy, green and long-term development world.

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