• Automobile interior: artificial leather molding
  • Automobile interior: artificial leather molding

Automobile interior: artificial leather molding

Artificial leather used in automobile interior mainly includes PVC (ployvinyl chloride) artificial leather, PU (poly urethane) artificial leather, suede like artificial leather and other varieties. It is an alternative to leather and is widely used in interior parts such as seats, door panels and ball joint covers.

1. PVC molding
The main raw material of PVC artificial leather is PVC, and the bottom is bonded with knitted fabric or woven fabric. PVC has the advantages of simple production, uniform product quality and relatively low cost, but its air permeability and moisture permeability are not as good as leather. The basic forming process is as follows:
① Mixing: PVC, flame retardant, stabilizer and color are mixed by vacuum pump.
② Coating: select the appropriate release paper according to the texture selected by the design template, or re develop the release paper roller according to the texture; Coating the mixture in the previous step on the release paper, drying and coating for many times to reach the appropriate thickness and uniformity; Finally, the prepared base cloth is bonded with the coated PVC, and after drying again, the release paper and the fabric are rolled up respectively.
The PVC artificial leather production line is shown in the figure.

Automobile interior

2.Pu molding

The main raw material of Pu artificial leather is polyurethane, which has the characteristics of fullness, good resilience, certain air permeability and moisture permeability, and is closer to the texture of natural leather. High end Pu artificial leather is even more expensive than real leather. The forming process of ordinary Pu artificial leather is similar to that of PVC.

Another kind of artificial leather widely used at present is superfine fiber PU, which is called superfine fiber PU for short. Different from the knitted fabric base of ordinary Pu, the base of super fiber PU is a non-woven fabric made of sea island fiber. Island fiber is a kind of composite fiber. In its fiber section, the reinforcements are scattered in the substrate like islands, so it is named. After the super fiber base cloth is woven into a shape, it is made into a super fiber base layer through immersion and other processes, which has a higher texture than ordinary PU. The manufacturing process of the base cloth is referring to the link:

PVC artificial leather production line
①Weaving: select the appropriate island composite fiber, form it by needling, spunlace and other non-woven weaving methods, and then shape it by physical means.
②Impregnation: the woven base cloth is impregnated in resin, impregnated, solidified, washed, and the above process is repeated, and then processed and rolled to produce a super fiber base cloth.

Super fiber PU is obtained after Pu is coated on the surface of the super fiber base cloth. The surface coating process is similar to that of ordinary Pu and PVC.


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