• A lot of people know cars ,anybody knows the latest car interior design materials?
  • A lot of people know cars ,anybody knows the latest car interior design materials?

A lot of people know cars ,anybody knows the latest car interior design materials?

Presently, the seat materials on middle and high-end cars in China generally use Alcantara and Nappa leather,which both are not very convenient to take care of, and the latter is criticized by animal protectionists.  Is there a material that has a skin-friendly touch like leather and is easy to care for and resistant to abrasion and aging?


On August 21, 2021, Chinese Express and Dow jointly announced in Shanghai that the two parties' three-year joint research and development of innovative materials science achievements-the world's first high-end LUXSENSE silicone leather approved for automotive interiors has been released The production landed, will be the first to be applied to HiPhi X. Gaohe Automobile announced that it will officially open the selection of LUXSENSE silicone leather light-color interior fabrics in September.

Ding Lei, founder of Huaren Express Gaohe Automobile, said: "As a practical environmentalist, I promote the comprehensive cooperation between the company and Dow. From functional thinking to experience thinking, it breaks the traditional auto factory, parts suppliers and raw material companies. The traditional single cooperation mode between the two companies directly starts from the research and development of upstream materials, and uses the world’s leading technology to create a low-carbon and environmentally friendly future for users of “dawnbreakers”. Today’s product seems to be an innovation of high-tech materials, but it is for the industry It is a great leap for human civilization and will contribute to a more harmonious relationship between man and nature."


The world's first silicone leather material is an innovative material specially created by Chinese Express and Dow Company for human health and luxury touch. It not only has a unique skin-friendly touch and delicate feel, but also reaches a new level in terms of wear resistance, aging resistance, antifouling, and flame retardancy. It also does not contain harmful solvents and plasticizers, is odorless and volatile, and brings A brand-new lifestyle that is safe, healthy, low-carbon and environmentally friendly. For the automotive field with extremely stringent material requirements, the new silicone leather will undoubtedly bring users a new choice of more high-end and environmental protection, allowing users to enjoy a "comfort, health, and luxury" travel experience.

Post time: Aug-31-2021