• China Professional leather manufacturers Solvent free Aqueous PU leather
  • China Professional leather manufacturers Solvent free Aqueous PU leather

China Professional leather manufacturers Solvent free Aqueous PU leather

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Aqueous Solvent-free PU leather



Aqueous solvent-free PU leather is a new type of environmental protection material, odorless and non-toxic, with excellent weatherability, wear resistance, anti-static, anti-UV, low atomization value.


Color & Pattern customized

 Multi color and Pattern choice,thickness and pattern can all be customized.


App-Furniture leather

Easy to Use

Aqueous solvent-free PU leather products can be applied to more fields, such as home sofa, car interior, building materials, clothing, shoes and bags, etc., which has a very broad prospect.


Sofa Furniture

In today's society, the concept of green environmental protection has long been known to everyone. Any production process and technical development should be based on low-carbon, environmentally friendly and pollution-free conditions. The leather industry is also responding to this green directive. Through long-term scientific and technological research and continuous testing, the water-based ecological composition leather materials have been developed.

This product is most used in sofa interior decoration.


Fashionable Goods

Waterborne polyurethane uses water as solvent, is pollution-free, pollution-free, DMFA-free, organic tin compounds, heavy metals and other harmful substances to the human body. Water-based PU has the advantages of high gloss, good hand feeling, good elasticity, abrasion resistance, cold resistance, and high flexural strength,It is an ideal material for making fashionable goods such as ,the handbags ,notebooks, wallets, backpacks, protective covers for electronic products,the luggage, and so on.

Product Attribute

The water-based ecological composition leather gradually replaced the previous dominant position of heavily polluted leather materials in the market with excellent environmental protection. 

Zero formaldehyde-zero pollution-zero volatility-zero heavy metals-zero plasticizer-low odor.There will be no pollution from production to use, and the environmental performance is superior.
Excellent physical properties (high wear resistance, high hydrolysis resistance, high resistance to tortuosity) and long service life.Super breathability and moisture permeability, with a comfortable feel like leather.Independent patented products, with multiple invention patents.

Polytech Technology

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