• China Decorated Hot And Passion Range Upholstery Leather For Upholstery
  • China Decorated Hot And Passion Range Upholstery Leather For Upholstery

China Decorated Hot And Passion Range Upholstery Leather For Upholstery

Short Description:

The use of materials in home decoration is very flexible. The commonly used materials mainly include leather, stone, wallpaper, ceramic tile, etc. different materials show different styles. For a long time, our technicians have been carrying out various design practices and development of leather materials to give full play to the advantages of leather materials on the basis of combining the characteristics of leather materials.

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Product introduction

Which material do you use for home decoration?

The use of materials is very flexible in home decoration. The commonly used materials are mainly leather, stone, wallpaper, ceramic tiles, etc. Different materials show different styles.

For a long time, our technicist have continuously carried out various design practices and developments on leather materials, and on the basis of combining the characteristics of leather materials, they have maximized the advantages of leather materials.

At present, there are many varieties of leather materials in interior decorations such as wall decorations, wall hangings, bedspreads, cushions, toys, etc., which are widely used in every corner of human life.

FuJian Polytech Technology Co.,Ltd added the market more colorful house Element----The Hot and Passion range upholstery leather,Making the Home more Fashionable,Vitality,and Individuality.

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This range is not only pursuing the comfort of the present, but also full of hopes and dreams for the future. Civilization is advancing. Human physical activities produce shape, sound, color, taste, and touch to the environmental space, and reflect the five senses of Fengshui to the psychological level. Therefore, environmental decoration is not It is to make people feel how novel and shocking its forms and materials are, but to respond and take care of people’s physical and psychological activities in a thoughtful manner, so that people can feel calm and peaceful in such an environment, and make people feel calm and peaceful. A good environment decoration is the environment decoration that obtains the satisfaction and care of the mentality of the person.

Where to use?

The easiest way:

1. TV background wall, 2. Bedside background, 3. Wallpaper, 4. Living room wall, 5. Entrance decoration.

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Our Advantage

Strong air permeability, scratch-resistant, abrasion-resistant, moisture-proof and mildew-proof, Variety of color and shape, strong three-dimensional effect.

The selected materials are all in line with environmental protection standards and have undergone 26 repeated inspections.

Product display

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